Top 5 Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete refers to a style of concrete decoration where a mixture of cement, mainly small stones and pebbles are exposed instead of the traditional smooth finish of the concrete surfaces. Because of their different colors and random designs, they add a visual interest to a certain surface.

It is one of the cheapest methods that can be used to give a good appearance to a new or old concrete. In addition to the good appearance and the affordable price, it improves the strength of the concrete. Here are some of the main reasons why exposed aggregate concrete is popular:

1) Its Rugged Surface Has Less of a Sleeping Hazard Compared to Brushed Concrete

There are several people who have suffered injuries because of the slippery nature of the soil. Brushed concrete is slippery and generally causes injuries. With the rugged nature of this type of surface, the slippery nature is abridged. This makes it safe for most people, particularly children. Actually, most people change their floors to this type to reduce regular injuries.

2) It Is Challenging to Harsh Weather Conditions

This is due to the strength it has. It is a complex material and this means it has a higher strength compared to that of a single material. Every time there is any change in weather conditions, it suffers tensions and, if it is not strong, it will fail. This type of concrete has a greater resistance and can withstand any climate change without any single failure. Therefore, to increase the useful life of the floor, you must consider this type of concrete.

3) Fewer Tools and Materials Are Necessary for Exposed Aggregate Concrete

This is one more reason for its popularity. There are fewer tools that are necessary as once the concrete is mixed; they are simply placed on the floor and left to dry. This is not like in the case of other types of floors where the finish should be fine. This means it will take a long time to complete the task and more tools will be needed. For this type of floors, a complex process is not required and will be completed in the shortest possible time.

4) It Gives an Old Concrete an Attractive Appearance

When combining fine materials of different types, the old nature of the floor will not be seen. Such materials will offer a new look. This is the reason why most people like this type of concrete, because when buildings or roads are old; nobody will realize that. This is because the appearance of the exposed aggregate concrete remains the same. Learn more.

5) It Is Easier to Learn and Master Compared to Other Decorative Processes

This is a method that is easier to learn as no technical procedures are needed. When you realize the mix of concrete materials, the whole technique will be easier. It will take as little time as possible to master the process without trying too hard. There are several decorative ideas in which you have to learn many concepts, such as the combination of colors and other technical procedures, but with this method, you will not take more time.

The exposed aggregate concrete will provide your hard surface areas an incredible finish. It is resistant to wear, durable and excellent for outdoor elements that get wet. The exposed material will shine in the sunlight and make your outdoor area really attractive.

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