Top 5 Benefits Of Installing Concrete Driveways

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Concrete Driveways

When renovating a home, or finishing up after the construction, one of the main things homeowners think of is building a driveway for their cars. You cannot have a stunning house with premium looks then penny-pinch towards the end with a cheap driveway. The best driveways make homes attractive to the always incoming visitors.

Besides providing a smooth pathway for the cars, driveways form the main path to homes. And as with any other surfaces, these pathways too are subjected to the vehicular pressure and thus prone to tear and wear. Since these areas receive a lot of traffic, it would be better off if they are made of concrete. Bridges and other top quality structures are madeof concrete because of its durability and strength. Let’s have a look at a few top benefits of concrete pathways.

Benefits of Concrete Driveways


A concrete driveway is more durable compared to asphalt and gravel.Heavy SUVs and small cars alike can used on it.Despite looking nicer and providing a dry surface, this material can last up to 20 years with very minimum need for maintenance.Apply concrete sealer to prevent wearing and stain.


A concrete driveway provides anavenue for achieving special effects with your driveway. For instance, you can use exposed aggregate concrete to come up with different color strains and insets on the pathway. This allows you to create a one of a kind flowery driveway that will leave neighbors and visitors envious of your home.

You can pattern a concrete pathway into various shapes that add curb appeal to the driveway. Additionally, this material can be usedfor porches and floors.

Cost efficient

In the beginning, the process of installing concrete will probably leave holes in your pockets but once completed, maintenance costs will never scare you. As for asphalt and gravel, you will spend a lot of money on frequent repairs.

Concrete reflects light

On a clear night, polished concrete reflects lighthencebrightening up your environment to scare off thieves. The reflecting surfaces also mean you won’t be using security lights often, hence reduced electricity bills.

Simple maintenance

Concrete driveways can be maintained through simple washing (by using warm water and some soap). Use a granular cleaner to scrub the floor in case of stubborn stains. For polished concrete, applying a tropical sealant after a short while may keep the reflective surface always shiny. Buffing too can restore lost luster.

Precautions have to be applied when working with concrete. First, you need to choose high-quality concrete. The driveway needs to have a cross fall to drain off thestagnant water. Any low-lying area may need some leveling or construction of drains to avoid water accumulation.

Sure, installing a concrete driveway may have been purely for improving the aesthetic of your home but should you think of selling it, many potential buyers will line up giving you the opportunity to set the price a bit high.

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