How to repair a sinking concrete driveway

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If you are living in anextremely nature challenged area due to extreme weathers and fluctuating temperatures, you may have noticed the concrete driveways around the neighborhood, or even at your own place, changing its state and strength. The reason being the change in exposure it has gone through during the seasons. Where the floor swelled up in the monsoon, the cracks appearing during the dry weather, and in winter when the concrete gets all frozen up and heaves.

This happens due to the rigid, strong and inflexible nature of the concrete driveways, and can cause a series of problems for people living near the sinking concrete.

Polished Concrete-a solution to all seepage problems:

Problems can extend to seepage towards the basement of the building, weakening the building structure leading to further damages, misaligned sidewalks and related issues caused by the disfiguring of the polished concrete. Click here !

There are a few specialists available like Designer Premix specializing in exposed aggregate concrete work, as well as polished concrete flooring, and can make the driveways durable, however, these problems can still arise and will require some attention.

Luckily, there are a few methods available to repair these sinking concretes, which can be utilized based on the options available:


The old school (traditional) method for repairing our exposed aggregate concrete is to salvage the previous one, and re-carpet the flooringas was done at the initial stage. This method, however, is expensive and has some downsides attached to it. It takes a considerable amount of time to gain permits and replacing the floor, while the concrete driveway remains unusable till the repair gets done. Even after going through all those hassles, it is still possible for the driveway to sink just as it was at the time of repairing. However, there are a few new technologies and specialists such as Designer Premix which helps us considerably in both time and cost.


It’s a method where the concrete driveways can befilled with cement mixture beneath it, through a drilled hole. This forces the flooring to align with the current bedding and fixing it.This, however, has its limitations, due to the mixtures inconsistent nature, it can only be a temporary fix. It can also add up to the weight in the applied area, and some mixtures may get eroded with time.


This type of fix is by far the most economical and durable in comparison to the others. Opted for in most construction purposes, polyurethane concrete dates back to 1930s and has developed significantly. The controlled pavement lifting can be done through this method in a cheaper way with better results. It’s considerably lighter weight, far better strength than mud jacking, and cheaper than replacing with the completely exposed aggregate concrete can actually save one to budget for Designer Premix to decorate the pavement.

If you look forward to making your exposed concrete driveway more appealing, the stones in contrast can be used in combination, as well as polished concrete flooring ideas can be explored if the need to repair arises.  Visit this site for more information :

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